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Pepper Spray - Keyring and Case Unit

Pepper Spray  - Keyring and Case Unit
Pepper Spray - Keyring and Case Unit
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GREAT Gift for Someone Special.

The most powerful Pepper Spray allowed by law. No Factory Seconds Here !! Our Pepper Spray is Made in the USA and is Factory Fresh.

Pepper Spray Products Not Available for shipment to the following states: New York, Michigan,or Wisconsin.(See Details Below)

Other States: Ground Shippable Only by U.P.S.

This 1/2 OZ Pepper Spray Unit comes with case and keyring and is designed to accurately spray a ballistic stream of Extremely HOT Pepper Spray and invisible UV dye from 8 to 10 feet. Provides 8 to 10 one-half second bursts of Pepper Spray. Nozzle quickly moves from safety lock to armed position with the touch of a finger. Unit measures 3 1/4 inches tall and has a diameter of 7/8 ths of an inch.

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The pain is immediate and has been described as two red-hot pieces of steel being pushed into your eyes and a blow-torch applied to your face. This Pepper Spray is an inflammatory, rather than an irritant, and is even effective against all those who feel no pain such as psychotics, drunks and drug abusers. Our Pepper Spray products are designed to bring attackers to there knees immediately and keep them there for 20 to 45 minutes while you move to safety. Our Pepper Spray has an invisible UV Dye so that the assailant can be easily identified by Law Enforcement Authorities. This invisible UV Dye cannot be removed for many hours or even days.

Each canister is loaded under high pressure and fires a powerful blast, not just a weak stream like discount store Pepper Spray. This is the highest grade oleoresin capsicum pepper in the world. It is rated at 2.5 million scoville heat units and it is made with a very fine grain of capsicum that is more effective than the coarser grains of most other pepper sprays.

Keep one on your person, in your bedroom and other convenient areas of the house.

Keep Out Of Reach Of Children.

Contact with mucous membranes (eyes, nose, throat and lungs) will cause IMMEDIATE dilation of the capillaries of the eyes, resulting in Temporary Blindness and instant inflammation of the breathing tube tissues, cutting off all but life-support breathing. Pepper Spray will not deteriorate with age and unlike the tear gasses, will not cause lasting aftereffects. Be wary of spray backsplash or blown-back from the wind. Try to avoid contact with the assailant as the spray can transfer to you and cause you distress. Once you use the spray, move to a safe place and call the police. If pepper spray gets on you, rinse the affected area repeatedly with cold water. Wash your hands several times and wash your clothes separately for other items.

Liability: Using pepper spray irresponsibly can incur criminal or civil liability. Spraying an innocent victim in the face can be a crime. The justification for using chemical sprays must always be self-defense from personal injury and the force must be reasonable under the circumstances. For example, you can't lawfully spray someone in the face for using obscene language or because you are simply afraid because of their appearance.

Pepper Spray is LEGAL in all 50 states. However, possession and/or use may be regulated or prohibited by law in some jurisdictions. If there are any questions, you are responsible for checking with your local police department.

New York - Must be purchased from a New York state licensed firearm dealer or pharmacist. Michigan Our formula is stronger than allowed by Michigan state law. Wisconsin - Special State formulation does not allow UV DYE. All of our pepper sprays contain a UV DYE. Massachusetts - Must have Firearms Identification card ( FID ). This list may not be complete. You are responsible for checking your local laws regarding Pepper Spray.

Our Products are Non-Lethal, Non-Flammable and are Environmentally Safe. No returns allowed on self defense products.